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Having finished moving all of his laboratory equipment, scavenged from the crashed ruin of their flagship, Starscream glanced around the modified setup. It seemed functional enough - a partitioned area with lab table and almost all of the medical gear, a wide array of monitors for evaluating results and modeling possible iterations, and a separated set of rooms that Starscream felt was necessary for any of his bases. If he’d have to stay for a prolonged time, then he slagging well wanted full monitoring functionality as well as a place to crash. The fact that BlackArachnia may also need similar living quarters was not an afterthought, but a concession he knew he’d have to make.

"Do you have enough Energon for your research or must I provide you with more?" Otherwise he would begin transporting the items he deemed too sensitive for bulk transit. Silly femme, Starscream is immortal and has no need for such fuel as you would consume.


Felt like drawing the Beast Ladies, I hope I didn’t forget anyone.


Considering he’s, technically, already dead, he might be right. Besides, loathe as she is to admit it, those pieces of data would more useful than any theoretical knowledge she has acquired so far.

Once again, he had the upper hand.


"Indeed," she said. "Send me everything you’ve got and I might be able to do something for you.”

She had no idea how to create a spark from zero, but try to figure it out sounded beyond interesting (not to mention useful). It wasn’t like she was putting her trust or her life on his hands as well. So, there is no big risk in agreeing.

"Prepare an appropriate facility for storage, research, and testing. I will gather up what data I can before searching for materials," he commanded before letting himself out of her base.

Even though a lower rank is testing on a higher doesn’t mean the superior is no longer allowed to give orders, after all.



Apparently he /could/. Maybe he was learning something from all those lessons with his template? Venting a sigh of relief, the clone simply nods in agreement about keeping Thrust’s body safe.

"I wouldn’t let something so valuable get stolen or ruined."

He added, eager to please. Especially as the one thing Starscream was looking for was actually right under his metaphorical nose. Now just to hope Thrust didn’t decide to wake up and ruin everything.

Dirge had best be careful, for more might rub off on the greedy clone than he directly seeks to learn from his template. The sigh didn’t go unnoticed, but since it happened after The Stare vanished, Starscream once again makes a[n incorrect] logical assumption.

”’Valuable' because it's your brother, because it was AllSparked, or simply because it's another empty shell?” Starscream emphasized, remembering the other two Seeker-clone frames kept somewhere in Dirge’s hoard.

Hmm, now that was strange. When had Dirge ever been eager to give pleasure to another mecha when he himself wasn’t… Something was suspicious; that didn’t sound like it could be brushed off as Dirge’s anticipation for physical contact. “There’s something you’re not telling me.”

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Well, since he shares the same body type as Wasp, I guess he could look a bit like him, hiding his mouth.

But while I was drawing that, I decided that I’d prefer Bee to not change anything about his looks. He has such an expressive and dynamic face that, in my opinion, allows him to communicate his feelings and opinions without any words. So, if he did lose his voice, I’d hope for him to express himself with his face and gestures.

Yes, this is just an excuse for me to draw Bee making silly faces.

thrust took over Dirge's body talk to him while you can aGOGOGO
─ Anonymous

((Would love to interact with Thrust more, but Starscream doesn’t yet know where Thrust’s Shard is… or that Thrust’s consciousness isn’t trapped in the Well.))

How are you so cute and devilishly handsome at the same time? How do you pull that off? Can you teach me how to pull off cute and dangerous?
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*stomps pede in frustration, belatedly echoed by Cumulus* Two descriptors, one fitting for each of the Seekers here, but not the other!

─ Anonymous

I suppose it is…

If you’re stupid enough to be ‘part' of a team, I'd assume you were then not capable of feeling the drive to further yourself!

*grabs the Seekerlet and pulls her into a hug before starting to run circles around her, arms out and making "nyoom" noises* SPACESHIP SPACESHIP
─ Anonymous


*Big Seeker approves. Maybe it’s time for Seekerlet to get her first paint scheme?*

Can you try? I- Nevermind. You aren't a good test subject. *turns to the seekerlet* Can you puuurrrrr? Like- *purrs loudly* Can you purr like that?
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*Seekerlet makes engine revving noise. And a curious chirp. With a glance at Big Seeker.*

*Big Seeker makes amused snort.*

*whispers* Would you care to join me in the construction of a man of snow?
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……… *baffled expression* Why would I do that?

((What kind of phone do you have? If its touch screen there are a few games/apps that really require your hands to work rather quickly))
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*has to work while at work*))

(( do you have any playdough or even clay to work with? For your hands it's a very nice smooth feeling with the playdough and some types of clay lets you put some real force into it [though your hands might be sticky afterwards] .))
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((I was at work. :c Nothing I can do at work. At home I have the laptop, or one of the figures to work with. Blitzwing is spending time in all three modes because he cooperates and Starscream. Just.
Won’t. Hold.

Sorry, I meant are you /able/ to purr?
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*baby just keeps looking innocent [and cute, but duh]*

I… *gathers dignity together* …would not know.

Since I’ve never purred.